And so it begins!

We’re on our way. Kaleidoscope Music is started by Remko Mooi (Dauda) as a techno label with a social mission. Apart from releasing great techno music, it is meant to connect people through memorable parties. The proceeds always go to those who need it: the venue, who makes it possible to experience nights of our dreams, and a charity. Partying is a privilege, and not everyone is able to do so. Kaleidoscope is about helping those who can’t, by being grateful that we can.

Kaleidscope has a number of releases lined up for the upcoming months. They are melodic, but driven techno. Dauda released tracks at labels like Tronic (Christian Smith), IAMT (Spartaque) and Syncopate (Danny Fontana) before, which are usually driven and synth-heavy. As a label, Kaleidoscope will focus on this type of techno, but also has room for more experimental releases. The slower, more melodic ‘Gravity’ is an example of this.

Anyway, we are excited to get started on this journey. We hope to connect people from different parts of the world through music and parties, make memories that last, and to be able to give generously to those who need it. Because in the end: all we can do is, is all we can do.

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