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Kaleidoscope x Everlast: King's Night

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Kaleidoscope x King's Night

Get ready for another one! Kaleidoscope will team up Everlast, an upcoming techno collective from Amsterdam to bring you the best party in town for King’s night.  Our promise: a night full of banging techno, and the perfect way to dive into King’s day the next day. Get ready for Kaleidoscope x Everlast: KING’S NIGHT

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The word ‘kaleidoscope’ is derived from the Ancient Greek word καλός (kalos, meaning ‘beautiful, beauty’), εἶδος (‘form’, ‘shape’) and σκοπέω (‘to look to, to examine’). It can therefore be translated as ‘observation of beautiful forms.’ As an optical instrument with two or more reflecting surfaces tilted to each other, the result is a constantly changing view.

Similarly, we are about looking at life through the ever changing lens of music. Our parties are something you have to experience for yourself, with great techno being played from an amazing sound system at Toekomstmuziek – one of Amsterdam’s coolest new venues in Houthavens. See you there?

Kaleidoscope x Everlast: KING'S NIGHT


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